Designer Kitchens – Test the Best

Designer kitchens is all about getting the very best in kitchen design and quality. The extensive use of sub contract labor by other designers may bring down the costs but, it also brings down the quality control, more often than not designers, contractors and clients end up at odds with each other because nobody has overall control of quality standards. Employing staff directly associated to a kitchen design company eliminates that problem.

A complete designer kitchens company will provide a fully comprehensive service from design to installation. You may need to have a door moved or a window repositioned to maximize natural light. Everything from, plastering to plumbing, electrics to tiling, anything that is required to make your new kitchen unique is controlled and supervised by one company. By employing this kind of quality control you the customer are always in control, being able to deal with only one company from start to finish. Giving you the peace of mind that when the work starts it will be carried through to completion, no stopping and starting, waiting for different contractors to each turn up on time, and in time.

You may be thinking that all kitchen cabinets are made the same way. They are not.

Vacuum formed and other types of kitchen doors are not suitable for kitchens, some manufacturers do not even spray the backs of the doors, leaving them vulnerable to moisture. Kitchen doors should be made from materials that will withstand kitchen use, such as, polyurethane, solid timber or timber veneer; they should be sprayed on both sides to maintain an even, balanced look.

Cabinet materials should be made from marine ply that is moisture resistant for the lower wet areas in a kitchen, and solid timber rails used to support heavy worktops such as granite. Some other companies avoid these details to cut down on costs, leaving the kitchen vulnerable to moisture and structural damage.

Hardware: “Grass” hardware is renowned for its drawer and hinge performance, its added weight and soft close mechanism being the envy of the industry. Again other companies will not use this because of the added cost; they look for quantity of items rather than quality.

Installation of the cabinets is very important, most companies today use plastic feet to level the cabinets, imagine the weight of a solid granite worktop on plastic feet. Plastic is just too flexible. Kitchen cabinets should be installed on a marine ply that again is moisture resistant and will withstand spills and constant washing of the floor.

Lastly, door hinges, the pressed metal concealed hinges that most other companies use have to much flex in the linkage and metal parts, meaning you constantly have to re-adjust the doors. Die cast hinges however have superior strength and linkage meaning no adjustments to be made.

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Kitchens: Smart Yet Inexpensive Kitchen Update

Many owners of kitchens are installing new cabinets to add more storage spaces or when they are looking for options if they like to change the look of their kitchens.

Old houses and kitchens are often equipped with dark colored cabinets. The cabinets, although in good, solid condition can be refaced. This is a common problem for many people who are living in homes built by their parents. Many people today, especially younger couples are opting for a lighter look and feel in their kitchens.

To remodel the entire kitchen is undoubtedly, the most expensive choice. An inexpensive option would be to replace the cabinets completely or to reface them by applying a new wood veneer and installing new doors and drawers or you can opt to have them stripped, bleached and refinished which can take a few days to finish and of course more expenses. An easy and cheaper option would be to paint the cabinets.

Whilst most painting jobs can be done by homeowners, cabinetry is for a well experienced cabinetmaker to do. It’s highly recommended that all cabinet work be done professionally to get the best results possible. Kitchen cabinets also need to be evaluated before any work or repairs are done since they need to be washed with TSP or Tri-Sodium Phosphate to remove dirt build-up and grease especially for old cabinets.

Hardware and hinges are removed then the surfaces of the cabinets and drawers are thoroughly sanded and dusted and repairs are done for dents and scratches before a primer coat is sprayed on. A split-coat of primer and finish enamel is applied then the final coat is applied but do you know that after each phase, more sanding and dusting are done?

You must know what kind of paint should be used if you are planning to do it yourself. If you want a hard finish that resists chips and dents, the best paints for this type of work are oil-based paints and acrylic primers and enamels. Small to medium- sized kitchen cabinets will take about three days to finish.

Cabinets in exciting color combinations can be very exciting in the kitchen. You can have a look in decorating magazines or galleries online where you will find a plethora of spruced up kitchen cabinets in various colours and finishes. You can take inspiration from the different models you see.

One of the latest trends for cabinetry in the kitchens are to combine painting and staining. This is done by choosing two different colours of your choice. If you are not sure what colours to pick, you may have colour consultations with a paint professional or better yet get a professional interior designer to do the job for you. If you want amazing results, do not scrimp on your budget because many homeowners experienced doing kitchen remodels by them and ended up spending a lot more because they were unhappy with the results.

Sliding Vs Swing Gates – 3 Points to Help You Determine

Sliding garage entryways have advantages and disadvantages pretty much as swinging doors do. To choose which is best for your property, you have to consider a few elements like space accessible, the level of security you need and the amount you need to spend.


A swing garage door is usually less costly than a sliding entryway. Despite the fact that they can be about the same size and made of the same kind of material, it’s the mounting that can change the expense the most. For sliding carport entryways, you require a track and rollers, while swinging doors just need pivots.


A swing door is the most support free kind of entryway, particularly in the event that it’s a manual door. At that point, there’s no engine or hardware to stress over. A sliding door, notwithstanding, requires a track that is spotless. In the event that any sort of flotsam and jetsam like sand or leaves gets on the track, it can prevent the doors from sliding smoothly and even wreck them. Brushes can be used to clear the track every time the doors open, solving this issue.


Sliding carport entryways require little space to operate. In any case, the ground has to be sufficiently level to permit the door to slide open. On the off chance that you have fencing, then the entryway essentially slides open parallel to the fencing. Any bushes or different items might need to be moved.

On the other hand, a swing door takes a considerable measure of space to work. On the off chance that your garage is several feet across, then a solitary swing door is suggested. You’ll need some sort of clearance on the opening side with the goal that it can cover the distance (doors ought to open toward your property rather than out unless it is difficult to do something else) and enough space for cars to pull off the street while sitting tight for the entryway to open.

The bigger the garage, the more prominent the point of interest the sliding doors get to be.
At the point when security is an essential requirement, as a rule, sliders are likewise a much better approach to go.
The sliding entryway mechanization is for the most part less complicated to install and is absolutely not influenced by wind stacking as swing door services seem to be.
On the off chance that there is no space for sliding doors to slide along a wall line, then swings are the next choice, yet as a rule, it is always better to utilize sliders for the reasons specified previously.

Builders Tips – Fix Cupboards


Nearly every residence has some built-in cupboards and often we want more of them! Whether inside the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, they’re usually in fairly constant use and so suffer the exact same wear and tear troubles suffered by doors and windows. Kitchen cupboards in particular break from constant opening and closing and being in contact with water and heat.

Built-in cupboards could be one of the additional expensive things to call a tradesperson in to build. There are some jobs the average DIYer can do around the house to fix up difficulties and update the look of their built-ins. Kitchen cupboard doors no longer line up over time, cupboard doors tends to sag, particularly the ones that get used all the time. About once a year I need to take a screwdriver to the cupboard door hinges and fine-tune them to be able to keep the doors aligned.

Most doors are designed to be adjusted rapidly and very easily with nothing more than a screwdriver, as most kitchens built inside the last 30 years or so have concealed, adjustable hinges. Usually these hinges have four adjusting screws, allowing you to make three main adjustments:
Lateral – the front grub screw (or set screw) adjustment permits the door to be moved side to side.
Depth – loosening the back screw enables the door to be moved in or out.
Vertical – the two top and bottom screws enable for adjustment of the door in an up or down direction.

You’ll have to experiment with the readjusting to acquire ideal alignment, but you will soon get the hang of it. It’s worth noting that most of these types of hinges are manufactured in Europe and will in all probability have Pozidriv screws in them.

Fixing sagging corner cupboard doors
The problem with built-in kitchens is the corner cupboard, It constantly ends up a black hole where you can’t find anything that’s pushed up the back, and the doors, being double Sectioned, usually sag and eventually fall off. This kind of hinged door is a lot heavier than your normal cupboard door, as the hinges on the cabinet and holds the combined weight of both doors, In order to counter this extra weight and open the gap between the top of the folding door as well as the adjacent door, you must compensate by over adjusting not only the hinges that attach the doors to the cabinet but also the hinges that join the two doors together. Both hinges will have an adjustment screw that fits via a slotted hole, usually at the back of the hinge assembly. Loosen this screw slightly and then push the two parts of the hinge closer together just before re-tightening. It could possibly take a couple of attempts to get the doors to sit where you would like them.

Fixing drawers
Just like the rollers on sliding doors, rollers on drawer runners can get worn or damaged. Replacing the inexpensive runners or slides will have the drawers rolling like new again and is really a fairly straightforward operation:
1 – Pull the drawer forward and lift the front to remove it from the cabinet. This will give you access to both parts of the roller assembly.
2 – Removing just a couple of screws will totally free up the old mechanism. Once again, a decent hardware store should have an exact matching assembly; if not, try cabinetmakers supplies in the phonebook.
3 – These are commonly sold in pairs and you must replace both sides of your drawer at once. You will only want a screwdriver to replace the old screws into the original screw holes.

Sometimes with excess pulling and over loaded drawers (or perhaps if the runners had been broken), drawer front can turn out to be loose and pull away from the rest of the drawer. If this is happening to yours:
1 – Remove the drawers and clamp the front back into position.
2 – Add some tiny metal 90 degree angle brackets to the inside of the drawer prior to it comes apart entirely.
Another common complaint is the collapse of the thin baseboard inside the drawer. This will normally take place for the reason that the drawer has been overloaded.

Safety Tips for Your Auto-Garage

Most of us prefer the automatic garages in the recent time. There are innumerable advantages for which we prefer an auto-garage over a traditional one. Besides, you can use this garage for multi-purpose use. This automatic garage doors Brisbane are most possibly the largest moving object we have in our home. Thus, it is needless to mention that safety of this object ought to be a prime important concern for everyone. Maintain the safety of the garage door and the garage is not very complicated. You just need to be careful about some details to avoid potential hazards.

When we discuss about the safety of garage remote door Brisbane, we need to emphasize on some particular factors. It is mainly about the installation, operation and maintenance of the door in the correct manner. You should take care to maintain it as a trouble-free object as being careless about the same may bring about tragic results. Your kid may get injured or someone may be locked inside. You never know what wrong can happen when you are not careful about the maintenance of your auto-garage. Thus follow by these suggestions to avoid such dangers.

Avoid standing or even walking under a moving door. Keep away your kids from the door and explain them that garage door is not a gaming object. You should explain them the consequences of playing with the same. It is extremely important that the kids are made clear of the about the moving door and they might get hurt if they stand near it.

Be careful about the remote controls and the transmitters of the remote door of your garage. Keep it in safe distance from children. Affix the push button wall control at a high level (minimum 5 feet) from the door.

Using Fire Doors For Passive Fire Protection

Fire doors are critical components of a building’s interior plan because they will prevent the spread of fire as well as give the building occupants the safety they need. As a passive protection installation, it can control the spread of smoke, heat and flames for a definite number of hours such as half an hour, a quarter of an hour, one hour or 2 hours of protection.

There is always an impending danger when fire can spread freely around the location. When there are no other fire protective gadgets installed or stored in a building, like fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire-resistant passageways or fire hoses, then everything and everyone is at risk of being damaged by fire in little time.

Building owners must accept the fact that any time, their structure is susceptible when there is no passive protection applied to it. in addition, the installation of doors that burn slow even in direct heat will also need fire door maintenance. Make it a priority to have these doors checked on a regular basis. Once these doors are used by people as passageway, no matter how sturdy they seem to be, would also succumb to normal wear and tear. They can be used in heavy traffic areas such as laboratories, so it is expected that they will be worn out in parts or experience wrong installation procedures. Some of these doors may also carry low-quality components so it is imperative that a certified inspector for these doors be contacted so that the issues can be determined early.

There are also other problems with regards to these doors, namely:

Defective doors
No certificates
Lacks intumescent strips or smoke seals
Inappropriate fire rating of installed door
Painting the fire-protective door
No self-closing device

It would be of great help when these issues are addressed by licensed inspectors and the replacement parts should be sourced out from sellers of fire-proof doors and not just from any hardware.

Door sets that are capable of withstanding fire can be bought from stores that specialize in these products. The fire door assembly should be composed of approved door leaf and frame, casing as well as components that are compliant to the standards of fire-proof materials.

How does the rated door protect? In case there is fire, the door will protect areas that are still intact, as long as the smoke seal and fire seal are properly installed around the door leaf. It would defeat the purpose of the fire door when the installation of these seals leaves a big gap between the floor and the edge of the door.

A smoke seal will disallow the passage of cold smoke, the term used for smoke that still builds up the fire. It can spread to other rooms and may cause suffocation and asphyxiation, although it does not carry the kind of temperature that will cause burns. This seal will seal off any smoke and when fire has reached the door, the intumescent seal expands, totally sealing off the passage of hot smoke and flames that may cause injury or death to occupants of the building.

New Hardware For Bi Fold Doors With Sliding Fly Screen – Great Summer Nights Without The Mossie Bite

Creating Systems for Windows and Doors

Centor Architectural began in Brisbane, Australia in 1951 with a mission to create the finest sliding-door tracking available. Fifty years on, the vast array of superior sliding door hardware available from Centor is without parallel in terms of quality, functionality and reliability. The irony is that nowadays sliding door systems aren’t what Centor Architectural is best known for!

Joining icons like casement windows, tracked sliding doors and louvres in the common vernacular of smart design, bi-folding windows and doors are here to stay. Demand for these modern classics can only increase as more people experience their space-transforming flexibility. Evolved over many years and constantly refined by a company responsive to architects and designers interested in making a lasting impression, Centor Architectural’s bi-fold hardware systems are a proposition for the long term. They’ve set the standard for functional, seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces and along the way they’ve changed the face of contemporary design!

Demand for locking mechanisms, door furniture and insect screening which match the quality and function of Centor’s folding and sliding window and door systems has more recently seen Centor’s innovative approach brought to complementary areas of window and door design. Centor’s stylish range of flush-mounting dropbolts are the ideal solution for fastening and securing folding or sliding windows and doors while a range of door furniture and locks ensure consistent Centor-grade performance and finish throughout the whole project. Ready-made Door Sill systems mean complete confidence when specifying bi-fold doors in exposed applications while Centor’s world-first insect Door Screen is a revolution in eliminating unpleasant flying pests without having to compromise on style.